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Welcome to the latest edition of the BioImage Informatics Facility (BIIF) newsletter!


The next Call4Help session is coming up next Tuesday, December 5, 9:30 – 11:30, information here. Note that you can always contact us under to set-up a meeting and receive support on image analysis.
The idea of the Call4Help session is to provide combined support on both the image analysis and the microscopy part of a project. For this we team-up with Sylvie Le Guyader, Head of the LCI Microscopy Facility, KI.


We are thrilled to announce the release of TissUUmaps version 3.2!

Here are the key highlights:

  • New Annotation Tools: Developed in collaboration with Sanofi Digital R&D. You can now draw and edit regions in a faster and more intuitive way.
  • Improved region rendering performance: you can now load thousands of regions without any performance issues.
  • Enhanced Region Tab: We’ve completely refactored the region tab to efficiently handle large number of items, including detailed analysis of individual regions.
  • GeoJSON Import and Geobuf (.pbf) Support: Import regions from multiple GeoJSON files and leverage Geobuf (.pbf) region files for larger dataset.
  • Advanced Marker Options: Customize markers with new outline and fill options.
  • Better drag-and-drop support in the Qt version.
  • Validation of .tmap Files: Ensure better compatibility with .tmap file validation through tissuumaps-schema.
  • New installers for macOS (.dmg) and Linux (.deb) in addition to the old Windows installer.

Download and see the full changelog on
Read the full documentation on
Visit our website for demos and tutorials on

The Swedish Bioinformatics Advisory Program

The SciLifeLab Bioinformatics platform offers a track where PhD students can get a senior bioinformatician as a personal advisor for up to two years of their PhD studies. Application are now accepted.
Application deadline: 2023-12-20.
More information: link

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