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Dear All,

After a good summer break, a new round of interesting support opportunities, courses and conferences is approaching.

Support on AI development

We co-operate closely with the AIDA Data Hub for AI on medical images. Here we welcome Erik Ylipää as new member of AIDA Data Hub!

Erik has provided advanced training on AI development using NVIDIA DGX-2 in the past and will now continue full time providing support in individual projects.
AIDA Data Hub now opens up calls for support to the AIDA community

This new support function has the goal of accelerating research within medical imaging diagnostics by supporting researchers from the early phases such as project scoping and modeling to later practical stages such as debugging, optimizing and deploying AI solutions.

For more information and how to apply, see


Effectively Communicating Bioimage Analysis

Bioimage analysis is a critically needed discipline, especially as the number of new tools is exploding as part of the “deep learning revolution” and as larger data sizes and automated screening systems make manual data handling of microscopy data increasingly impractical. While there are more educational and training materials than ever, a few major challenges still exist.
In this Workshop, we aim to:

  • Map our “landscape”
  • Bring together both users and creators of training materials and courses
  • Curate the resources that currently exist, and brainstorm how these can be shared more effectively or used in novel ways
  • Create a draft set of standards to recommend to stakeholders

More information and registration on
Dates: February 12-15, 2024, Buxted Park, East Sussex, UK Application deadline: September 8, 2023

Halfway to I2K: Virtual Tutorials on Image Analysis

The 2023 virtual event “Halfway to I2K”, to be held from October 17th-19th, will therefore feature in-depth interactive workshops covering state-of-the-art open-source solutions for biological image reconstruction and analysis. It will be an event to learn about and discuss forward looking strategies for dealing with the ever-increasing amount of large and content rich microscopy imagery.

More information and registration:
Dates: October 17-19, 2023, online

CytoData 2023

CytoData symposium and hackathon brings together researchers interested in image-based profiling of biological phenotypes. The symposium including workshops, presentations and a poster session is scheduled for the first two days of the event (Oct 23-24) followed by a hackathon for developers during the last two days of the event (Oct 25-26). The themes of the symposium are Single-cell profiling and Spatial profiling.

More information and registration:
Dates: October 23-26, 2023, Helsinki, Finland
Application deadline Hackathon: August 31, 2023
Registration for the symposium is open until October 1, 2023.

Best regards
Anna, in behalf of BIIF

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