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thanks to all who joined our presentation about BioImage Analysis tools two weeks ago! We had >100 registrations from all over Sweden and could see a huge interest in tool presentations. To follow up on this, we are organizing an online event: “ImageJ/Fiji - Make Your Own Macros – Overview” on April 6th , 10:00-11:00 (instead of our normal Call4Help session). This is not to teach how to script but to give you an overview of the scripting possibilities in ImageJ/Fiji. Also, there is plenty of time for questions and discussion, so we hope this event to be very interactive. Please register here.

Research Highlights

Version 2.0 of TissUUmaps is now released: TissUUmaps allows fast interactive display of tissue slide images and uses an overlay to display any sort of marker data on top. Be it spatially resolved gene expression, per cell data, or regions of interest. TissUUmaps is developed in the Wählby-Lab, with involvement of BIIF, and was first published in
Try out TissUUmaps and interact with a in-situ-sequencing dataset on a brain slice!

Upcoming Seminars and Courses

Advanced Methods in Bioimage Analysis, Online EMBO Practical Course, 26 Jun – 2 Jul 2021; Registration Deadline: 5 Apr 2021
This advanced course concentrates on teaching cutting-edge concepts and tools for quantitative image analysis, and will seek to upgrade the competencies of future bioimage analysis experts on both theoretical algorithm advancements as well as on practical implementation skills. BIIF is part of the scientific organization team.

ImageJ/Fiji - Make Your Own Macros – Overview, April 6th , 10:00-11:00 – link - info as above

QuPath Survey

QuPath is an open-source tool for digital pathology. There is an ongoing survey in which you can express user needs and opinions and with that influence the future development.


You can always contact us via for support on image analysis.

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