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Dear All,

this month we have lots of learning opportunities on bioimage analysis in various formats (textbook, course, seminar). Also, don’t forget to check-in for our Call4Help session next Tuesday.


The next Call4Help session is coming up next Tuesday - November 2, 9 – 12, information here. Note that you can always contact us under to set-up a meeting and receive support on image analysis. The idea of the Call4Help session is to provide combined support on both the image analysis and the microscopy part of a project.


The textbook Bioimage Data Analysis Workflows ‒ Advanced Components and Methods is out now. There is lots of interesting content, e.g. about data-handling in Python or batch-processing using the ImageJ macro language (which we contributed to). The book is for free and available here:


A new instance of Digital image analysis for scientific applications (DIASA) will run early spring 2023. This course aims at giving doctoral students and researchers from different disciplines sufficient understanding to solve basic computerized image analysis problems. The course will also offer an introduction to a number of freely available software tools, preparing the participants to start using computerized image analysis in their own research. The course will be in a hybrid format and we will send more information in upcoming newsletters.


Save the date: EMBL-SciLifeLab Data Science workshop, May 15, 2023 – May 16, 2023
The workshop will have a special focus on imaging and data management.

Best regards
Anna, in behalf of BIIF

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