Illustration (click to hide): Automated segmentation of testicular biopsies

Project Description

Various diseases, including hematological disorders or cancer, can impact the highly complex process of spermatogenesis directly or indirectly, through the side effects of necessary treatments. As a result, this can lead to compromised fertility or even complete infertility, especially in young boys before and during puberty, who may struggle to produce viable sperm for future use later in life. For these patients, a technique called testicular cryopreservation is employed as a means of preserving fertility. However, given the experimental nature of this approach, it is crucial to assess the quality of testis biopsy samples. To achieve this efficiently, our goal is to utilize artificial intelligence to automate the segmentation of images obtained from patients’ testicular biopsies. This approach will enable us to extract large amounts of data and provide both patients and doctors with detailed information on the options for fertility preservation.

Project Information

  • BIIF Principal Investigators

    • Christophe Avenel

    External Authors

    Muriel Gisa Heitsch
  • Date

    2023-09-26 🠚 Current