Illustration (click to hide): Characterising histological features of salivary glands

Project Description

Our aim in this project was to study salivary glands in the context of gastrointestinal disorders. We are examining H&E-stained sections of mouse salivary glands and characterising known histological features. A necessary task for the analysis of the images is marking out the various structures and classifying them. BIIF provides support by training an Xception network model with previously segmented manual annotations. The resulting tool will carry out salivary gland histological segmentation via the open-source softwares FastPathology and QuPath, allowing for a significant improvement in speed and reproducibility.

Project Information

  • BIIF Principal Investigators

    • Christophe Avenel

    External Authors

    Xenia Tolstoy
  • Date

    2023-08-07 🠚 Current
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