Illustration (click to hide): DL segmentation for immunofluorescent imaging of mouse brains

Project Description

In this project, we are looking at immunofluorescent staining of mouse brain cryosections for the study of cerebral cavernous malformations. A necessary task for analysing each image is marking the cerebellum, in effect differentiating this brain region from other neighbouring brain structures present in the image. A U-Net model with a ResNet-50 encoder was trained with previously generated manual annotations to automate this process. The resulting python-based tool carries out cerebellum segmentation, generating a predicted region of interest (ROI) from a supplied DAPI image.

Project Information

  • BIIF Principal Investigators

    • Robert Welch

    External Authors

    Ross Smith
  • Date

    2022-09-20 🠚 2022-11-08
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