Illustration (click to hide): Senolytic compound discovery

Project Description

The aim of the assay is to screen for senolytic compounds capable of clearing senescence cells. For this purpose, we proposed to use an in vitro co-culture of quiescent cells (labeled with a nuclear EGFP fluorescent probe) and senescent cells (labeled with a nuclear td-Tomato fluorescent probe). Using the developed software tool, imaged cells are classified as quiescent or senescent and counted. Upon drug stimulation, we will determine new possible senolytic candidates using these counts.

Project Information

  • BIIF Principal Investigators

    • Robert Welch

    External Authors

    Chiara Annunziata, Hazel Xiaohui Ang, Federico Pietrocola (KI)
  • Date

    2022-05-30 🠚 Current
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