Illustration (click to hide): TissUUmaps analysis of ISS data in mouse lung tumors

Project Description

The goal of the project is to get insight into the communication between tumor cells and immune cells as well as other cells in the tumor microenvironment, and how this is affected by activation or repression of oncogenic factors. Using hybridization-based in situ sequencing (HybISS) of a selected number of genes representing different cell types, activation states, signaling molecules, tumor markers etc. in combination with TissUUmaps analysis, a spatial transcriptomic view is generated of the location of the expressed genes relative to each other in tumor tissue under different conditions. This can give important information about factors influencing immune surveillance of tumors.

Project Information

  • BIIF Principal Investigators

    • Christophe Avenel

    External Authors

    Lars-Gunnar Larsson, Wesam Bazzar
  • Date

    2022-03-11 🠚 Current